Your Personal Power
Inspiring Freedom, Harmony & Balance in Daily Life

What is personal power?

Personal power is our ability to create through our thoughts, our choices and our actions the life we truly desire. A life of integrity and service, in alignment with our personal values and priorities. A life marked by balance and wholeness, fulfilling relationships, purpose and passion, peace of mind, and other common values cherished and pursued by all humans. The path of personal power is one with heart and soul, and is therefore filled with love and joy, yet it is not immune to conflict and sorrow, which are inevitably part of human existence.

How do we acquire personal power?

Personal power is acquired by cultivating freedom, harmony and balance in our daily life.

  • FREEDOM includes both a 'freedom from' and a 'freedom to'. For example, freedom from fear, freedom from the conditioning of our past, freedom from aspects of our very nature (e.g. resistance to change). And then, for example, freedom to create our life experience, freedom to change and adapt, freedom to be and express our unique selves.
  • HARMONY involves being in tune with, for example: our total being (body, mind, emotions, soul), the Earth and all its inhabitants (other people, animals, plants, minerals), and the universe beyond Earth.
  • BALANCE involves creating a life that reflects our uniqueness in the following arenas: Wealth, Health, Spirit, Passion, Purpose, Play and Relationships. I refer to the art of creating a balanced life as "Walking the WHSP3R Wheel".



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